09 October 2008

Why Kiyosaki (Rich Dad) Endorsed Network Marketing

Robert Kiyosaki, Author of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad Books spoke on a private invitation only conference call today. As most know, the economy has taken its worst hit this week since 1929. People have lost money, world economies are struggling. The media is focusing on all the gloom and doom and people are panicking.

What Did Robert Say?

On the call tonight, Kiyosaki was interviewed by Mike Dillard (Magnetic Sponsoring Guru). Kiyosaki's main point on the call was that NOW is the time to take action. He said, "If you are not in a network marketing or other home base business today, then you are out of business." Four years ago Kiyosaki came out in strong favor of the network marketing industry as the best place for the average person to begin growing their own business. He reiterated that recommendation again tonight.


Kiyosaki said that if you are not rich today--if you are one of the people who had lost a lot of money in the past two weeks--then somewhere in the past you were given BAD ADVICE. In today's economy, job security is a myth. No politician from either party can bring high paying jobs back. Jobs migrate to the location where workers will work for the lowest wage. If you still believe that you can go to school and get out with a degree and get a good, secure job then you are still living in the last century. You must wake up and smell the coffee.

What Should I Do?

Inflation is coming. Depression may be coming. Social Security and Medicare are in grim shape. What are YOU going to do to take control of your financial life? Now is a big opportunity period. You can take action--make a commitment--create income that is totally in your control from network marketing, franchising or other independent business owner situations. Or you can commit to being a coward and join that crowd that is panicking, hiding and praying the they (the government; the company; my parents) take care of me.

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