03 June 2009

MLM Traffic Formula 2.0 -- Is it Worth It?

Mike Dillard's traffic formula becomes available today. For those who have accessed the information through my affiliate link, I am offering a special bonus of a free coaching hour to anyone who purchases the training before Dillard closes the intro sales in 7 days at the lower price. (He will then reopen the program and bring it back at almost $1000, more than 3 times what he charging right now). Something I really value about all of Mike Dillard's materials is that they offer a wonderful money back guarantee and they make good on it with no questions asked. That makes buying and trying his courses totally risk free.

So is it worth it? I say definitely yes. You may learn something. You may learn a lot!! You can get a full refund up to 60 days if you think you've learned nothing, or for any other reason for that matter. Dillard's knowledge and expertise in the online network marketing business cannot be beat. He has experts from all over the industry working with him in the Traffic Formula series. You really have nothing to lose except some time spent opening your mind and learning. So yes, MLM Traffic Formula 2.0 is absolutely worth it. And with the free hour of coaching/consultation that I am offering, you come out way ahead!!

MLM Traffic Formula 2.0

Feel free to Google me and see my experience and knowledge in the industry. My normal coaching charge can be up to $120 per hour. I so strongly believe that this system will help online network marketers achieve the results that they are looking for, that I want to sweeten the pot with an hour of my time. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Here is the link to a 40 minute video, detailing what will be contained in Traffic Formula 2.0.

MLM Traffic Formula 2.0

Peace and Abundance,
Deborah Tutnauer, LCSW

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