01 June 2009

90 Days to Success - Internet Business Training

As you read in the last post, I am embarking on a more orderly and structured method to my madness. A plan is in place to make the most of my time, thus becoming more efficient and effective in all that I do. Already I have encountered the demons of an internet business. Everything that you do online (especially when a lot of time is spent using social media) exposes you to other things to do online. Thus there are constant distractions. I'm not talking about silly things like playing solitaire or chess against against the computer. I'm talking about real ideas, articles, thoughts, blog posts, twitter replies, blog comments that are interesting and yet take your focus away from your goals for the day.

Thus I have decided to build into my daily list, time for the distractions. If they are to be expected and even enjoyed and benefited from, then there needs to be a time dedicated to them. Today my plan is to finalize three articles for the Renegade Super Guides and revamp my Perfect MLM web page in anticipation of our Private Invitational Launch on June 15th.

I have done the articles and can clearly check them off the list. But I have yet to even look at the web page because of a very exiting and interesting distraction. There it is. Thank goodness my list has an item called "relevant distractions". This one is a new Internet Business Training tool from the illustrious Mike Dillard. I receive a lot of information from Dillard and tend to read most of it (I read very little of the majority of newsletters that flow through my inbox). Two years ago, Dillard's ground breaking book "Magnetic Sponsoring" totally changed the way I approach my network marketing business. I credit him for opening my mind to the new way of network marketing, using the internet business model that he is most famous for---Attraction Marketing.

Dillard has a new video and a new product out. It is the first in awhile and well worth my attention. In 2006 when Mike Dillard developed the MLM Traffic Formula, it was a pinnacle moment in the network marketing industry. That training series alone change the lives of thousands. He now has come out with the Traffic Formula 2.0, which takes all the great information from the original and combines it with the cutting edge internet business techniques that have developed over the past few years. Looking at what he's put together seemed like a "relevant distraction" to me and thus here I am...reading about it/ listening to the intro free video and sharing a bit about it with you as well.

Am I off track in my day? No. After this blog post is completed and posted I will move on to my next task for today which is revamping a web page. Have a wasted time looking at Dillard's new product? No. It is relevant to all that I do in my own business as well as the coaching that I provide for others. Relevant Distractions are OK, as long as they don't prevent you from accomplishing the other more defined tasks on your list. Ciao!

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Ali said...

That was a nice and helpful thing. I too had undergone traing for my Business development. I felt that was very useful. Now I feel great to tackle my business.

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