14 August 2009

Friday Afternoon in August

There is a rhythm to the dog days of summer that can be felt by anyone in business. Things slow down. People appear less anxious to take action be it purchases or business decisions. Add to that the typical "Ahh, the week is over" feeling the permeated a Friday afternoon and you have a time period in sitting in front of you where not much is happening.

September is a huge month in business. Somehow the business community still feels like it is going "back to school". The temperature drops. It feels good to wear shoes again instead of flip flops. The renewed energy that has been ingrained into us all since our school days as children, rising to the forefront. September is traditionally the biggest month of the year in network marketing. The industry itself seems jump start in september and then rides that wave right up until the holidays that come four months later.

So right now, in the dog days of summer, good network marketers are preparing for September. This is not the time to take a step back and relax, even though it feels like it's hard to be productive. No, now is actually the time to get so prepared that when Labor Day is over, you can hit the ground running. Now is when you set up appointments for next month. Now is when you focus on developing your pipeline and when you lead people into your marketing funnel.

Becoming a light that shines out from the crowd is a matter of preparation and fortitude. While others are kicking back by the pool, you can be setting things up to make September 2009 your most productive month ever.

Useful "chores" list:
Update your website
Clean up your blog
Optimize your auto-responder emails
Revisit your vision, goals and objectives
De-clutter your office (including your email inbox)
Expand your mind
Watch training videos that you've been meaning to spend time on.
Read some new business books
Take part in a live event or webinar
Learn how to write good copy** (Good copywriting is the difference between websites that convert and those that don't...or emails that people open or those that end up in the trash.

While you are doing all of this..watch this free interview and learn a skill that will add to your September success..and the rest of 2009 as well.

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