10 August 2009

How To Influence Reluctant Prospects To Sign Up

Would you like to learn how to inspire even
your most reluctant prospects to take action?

It might be persuading them to open an email,
visit your website, or read your blog post.

Convincing them to surrender their contact info
(and willingly become your lead) in exchange
for a free special report or newsletter.

Or more importantly, influencing them to work
underneath you in your downline and getting
them to purchase whatever you're selling.

The reason I ask is this.

Ann Sieg just interviewed this unorthodox
fellow by the name of David Garfinkel

And guess what?

They Chatted At Length
About This Very Subject!


In other words, writing that inspires people
to take the actions you want them to take.

If you want to start learning how to craft
enticing sales messages and offers that
no sane prospect could ever refuse...

Click here to listen to their conversation.

(David really over-delivers on this call
and serves up plenty of proven-to-work
copywriting advice - free of charge!)

I was totally impressed and I know you will too!

Plus, Ann gets him to reveal a little-known
(and severely underused) mindset trick
you can immediately start using...

That Will Help You "Connect" With
Potential Clients Like Never Before!

It's not something that's taught in any
school, business, or industry.

The highest paid writers working for the
biggest advertising agencies don't even
understand this stunning sales secret.

But you can discover it today by simply
listening to their in-depth interview.

Here's the link again.

Now you might be wondering...

"Who Exactly Is This
David Garfinkel Character?

Well, he's considered by many marketers to be,
"The World's Greatest Copywriting Teacher."

Because from what I hear he's dedicated the
last 15 years of his life to teaching it.

Thanks to him, many of his students have gone
on to become rich because their websites, sales
letters, emails, and ads, rake in small fortunes.

(At least 3 of them have written sales letters
that made over $1,000,000 dollars in 24 hours.)

Oh, and I should mention this too.

Word on the street is that Ann Sieg secretly
hired this guy for 35k to personally train
3 of her team members for six months.

(And to help launch Renegade Professional.)

The results?

Over $1,100,000.00 In
Sales Within Just 72 Hours!


Almost 40,000 fresh opt-ins (leads) generated
in a single month.

Exactly 4,454 new customers acquired in less
than 8 hours.

More than 186,517 unique website visitors in
under 30 days.

Apparently Ann was so thrilled with David's
training and how things went...

(Who wouldn't be, right?)

That now she's having him teach copywriting
to her entire team for six straight weeks!

But you'll never believe this.

She's actually going to allow a limited
number of people from the general public...

To Sit In On These Closed-Door
Company Training Sessions!


I'm almost positive nothing like this has
ever been done before and I'll have to admit
I'm a little curious to see how it turns out.


Click here to find out more information.

By the way, Ann and David talk about
"The Ultimate Copywriting Crash Course"...

(I think that's what they're calling it.)

Towards the very end of the call.

Everything before that is pure content.

Sound copywriting (and business) advice from
David (and Ann) that will help you politely
influence folks to do what you want them to.

To Your Success!!

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