17 August 2009

I Have Something to Confess...

Really...I have been keeping a secret from you, my audience, my business associates, my friends, for almost 9 months now.

It's been hard for me and I've let things slip now and then. But I've been sworn to secrecy and I've kept my promise about keeping quiet.

By the beginning of next week at the earliest, or the end of August at the latest, I'll finally be able to spill the beans.

But here is what I can tell you now, so I don't explode with excitement.

I am the leader of a power network marketing team. My upline is the Founder and CEO of our company. (So he's not really an upline in the normal sense). After 42 years as a million dollar ultra successful distributor in some very well known MLM's, he has started his own company and I am Front Line to the company.

We have a copyrighted compensation plan that was designed from scratch, over 7 months. The plan was created to solve the main problems that prevent people from achieving their goals in network marketing.

1. Attrition
2. Too many "hoops" to jump through
3. "Holes" in the plan that leave people hanging on between the fast start period and the time they begin making meaningful residual
4. Too much built in breakage back to the company
5. A mind-set that makes people think they can just "hold" a spot and someone will build their down line for them
6. Too much going out for auto-ship and not enough coming in to cover that cost
7. Customers not being valued as just customers (Long term residual is created by having a 70:1 customer to business builder ratio in the big long term picture)
8. A product that is used primarily by business builders, but does not appeal easily and for the long term to the average customer

There's more...
Our product line will make you open your eyes and scratch your head in amazement.


Because you'll be thinking, "Why didn't someone do this before..this is absolutely brilliant!"

It's recession proof. People require no explanation. The market is proven to be growing everyday, even in our present economy. Our presentation/form of the product sits at the beginning of a known wave in our product industry. In two years, most households in North America will have or want what we are offering..and we are the ONLY network marketing company who has it.

Gosh...I just want to spill the beans so badly!!!

But I can't.

Not here on the internet anyway. But there's a loophole...I can tell you every detail in a one-on-one conversation. In fact I've been doing that for the past few months and already have a team in place ready to hit the road running when our product ships for the first time (7 days from now).

So I can talk to you too...and if you like what we are doing and I like what you have to offer, you can become one of the first 100 distributors in the company. Not a bad offer.

Go here for a place to send me your info. You'll get to see a video I made and a basic lead capture page that I'm sharing with my team for the time being.

That link again is right here.

Of course you could just wait a few more weeks and we'll be all over the internet. But then you'd miss out on insider information along with one of the very top spots in the company.

That would not be good business


Eric Walker said...

I really like this post Deborah. Nice work.

Jim Parks said...

Ditto, it has appeal and I want to see what you have to offer...

Deborah Tutnauer, LCSW said...

Thank you Eric and Jim,

What I have to offer is so special...I'll write about it as soon as I can...or you can take the bull by the horn and make contact!


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