01 July 2009

The Latest, Greatest, Best...and Why It Doesn't Matter

The internet is full of hype. How often do you see a page offering the latest, greatest, best, biggest, most lucrative, easiest, simplest product/opportunity/business/money-making venture? For most of us who work online, we see it everyday. And yes...those headlines can grab you. Just ask anyone who has 59 unread ebooks about the best way to make a million dollars, sitting on their hard drive. People use those headlines and say those things to get you to respond. They focus on your motivations, your fears and your desires for success. And they succeed in getting you to respond because they have good copy and they've done their homework as to what words sell.

What I'm going to tell you though, is that none of it matters. Sure, go ahead and buy that ebook or download that system for only $29.95. But don't think for a minute that it's going to work for you any better than the last system did. The reason why it doesn't matter is that any -- system, company, opportunity, business venture -- is only as good as the person in the driver's seat. That person is you. It is you who controls the speed, the growth and the outcome. It is you who decides whether this time will be the one.

Now, of course there are companies and opportunities and products that are just not smart to get involved with. There are marketing systems that will take your money and give back garbage. Assuming that you have done your homework though, most ventures that you undertake will allow you to move towards the success that you desire if you have the right attitude and the right work ethic. If some words on a page promise you instant riches and thousands per month for just joining in, run quickly the other way. You WANT to get involved with something that tells you there is work involved on your part. Then you have a better idea that you're talking the real McCoy.

When I train and coach people, whether my down line or my mentoring clients, I have them focus on themselves to begin with. I don't teach them to learn every detail of their product line, or to develop a script for approaching their warm market. Instead, I lead them through a series of questions designed to bring to the surface their best qualities. I teach people that they will succeed based on their strengths, their skills, their motivation and their commitment. This holds true for any company, and any situation.

So start there. Don't be swayed by the lastest, greatest, best. Do your research. Choose wisely. Then work your butt off until you make it. That's really the difference between those who succeed and those who do not.

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