04 January 2008

Success with Google

After months of work, patience, trial and error, one of my web sites is consistently on the first page of google for a number of my keywords. In addition, the new adwords ad I placed for that website is showing up in the number one spot. It's amazing how exciting this is. It feels like finding the key to the jewels. So, you ask, what did I do? How did it happen? There are thousands of parenting web sites and hundreds of parenting ads.

So here's the story. I read and followed the information presented by the pros. I searched out more information when I got confused. I read most of the tutorials that google offers. I took to heart any SEO information I could find ezine articles. I remembered to create a sitemap and to resubmit my site monthly, using the SEO tool at 1and1.com.

Now that people are coming, I've focused on the content of the site. I rewrote certain key phrases and added others. I tried to imagine what a customer would be looking for and geared my copy to that, all while remaining true to my vision. In this process I actually feel that I'm better at the technology than the copy writing, so I'll now go out and gather constructive advice about the contents of my site.

If I can do this, you can too. Good luck!!'

By the way...the site I'm talking about is called Intentional Parenting Program. Click on the title and you'll be there.

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Covenant Global, LLC. said...

Great article - i appreciate your intuitiveness and hard work. I'm always impressed when people take the initiative to make things happen.

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