21 April 2009

You are NOT Going to Believe This

I was astounded! Last night on the Duplication 123 Mastermind call we were introduced to the new Webinar Platform. Now I know I've spoken about their webinar platform before. But here is the story.

We began with a platform that was pretty good. It was almost identical in nature to GoTo Meeting..similar tool bar, etc... The Mastermind team had some concerns about the "user friendliness" of the platform, so the D123 owners went back to the drawing board. What we saw last night was the result of that.

The new platform is so user friendly that a kid could make it work. In addition, though the default is a room for 20 participants, it automatically expands to 120!! as the RSVP's to your webinar invitations come back in. The whole invitation and follow-up system is tied to an auto-repsonder. You can load in lists in a multitude of formats. You can schedule meetings immediately or for weeks in advance. This sytem puts GoTo Meeting to shame..and is included in your regular $34.95 monthly D123 cost.

That means that you receive all the other tools we've been talking about and the Webinar platform that you can use unlimited times per month, for just $34.95. Do you see what can happen with this?

Even if you move out of the network marketing arena, your potential prospects just for are stand alone Duplication123 Business are endless. Any business person, teacher, clergy, etc...who wants or needs to use webinars to communicate with and teach people, can use this system. Right now most use GoTo Meeting or a few others. Those can cost upwards of $100 per month..or they charge per participant. What we have here is truly amazing.

So this is a suggestion to think outside the box. Are there people you know who can use a webinar platform like this? Are there entire industries that you could target online who would jump at this platform? I think there are many. This is a great money making opportunity for you, even if you don't use it at all for your primary network marketing business.

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