21 November 2007

Staying Focused On Your Why

If you've been involved with network marketing for any length of time, you may have heard someone ask, "What is your why?". Your answer may have been, "What is my why?". The answer to the the second question is that your why, is the reason that you are doing an network marketing or MLM business. The answer to the first question is yours to ponder.

It's important in any undertaking to know what your motivation is for spending time in that endeavor. In network marketing it is even more important, because this business requires a time and energy committment, often with little to show for it for a period of time. So before you read any read any further, move away from the computer, get a piece of paper and write down the answer to the question, "What is your why?". Some example to get your started are: I want to use my product for free; or I want to cover our monthly mortgage payment; or I want to be a millionaire.

Whatever your "why" that is where you start to determine your plan and your goals and what you're going to stay focused on as you grow your business. In my free newsletter "Healthy Freedom Secrets" I outline a program for developing your plan and your business using my 15 years of professional experience helping people create positive and forward-thinking behavior. I bring in techniques learned as I trained to take my psychology backround and use it to help business executives succeed.

For the sake of this posting, I want to stress how important your "why" is to your success. The people who succeed in the network marketing business are the people who don't quit. Many of us have heard it said that 97% of people who enter this business never make any money. What most of us don't read is that most of that 97% don't make any money because they become frustrated with the process and quit too early. If you know why you're doing this and you can use that reason to keep you motivated and on track with your plan and your goals, chances are much higher that you will succeed.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.


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