16 April 2008

How to Make Money Like a Wealthy Person

How the Rich THINK Differently and How You Can Think Rich Too

In his book The Cashflow Quadrant, Robert Kiyosaki spends a lot of time focusing on the four main ways that people create income. They are: Employee, Self-employed. Business Owner and Investor. If you can picture a square divided into four quadrants, Employee is in the upper left corner, Self-employed in the lower left corner, Business Owner in the upper right and Investor in the lower right. If you actually draw that picture on a piece of paper before reading on, I believe you'll better understand the rest of this article.

According to Kiyosaki, the difference between those who are truly wealthy and those who are not is about where the income comes from and if assets are greater than liabilities. Wealthy people have assets that create income. Whereas those on the left side of the quadrant generate most of their income from working at a job or seeing clients or patients, those on the right side of the quadrant generate most of their income passively. What this means is that they have assets that create a monthly residual cashflow and that cashflow is greater than that person's financial liabilities.

Wealth is a factor of how you think about money. If you continually spend all the money that you make, then you will never be wealthy. What the "work for a salary/hourly wage" type people see as assets are actually liabilities if they carry any debt. This includes your house and your car. These things are only assets if they have no debt or of they actually bring in income. Real Estate is an asset to the extent that someone else (ie: a tenant) is paying the mortgage and the expenses. If you THINK about assets like a rich person, you will begin to set up your life and your finance in a way that creates true assets.

Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, Robert Kiyosaki have all come out recently in support of the structure of network marketing companies. If you are a business owner than you are working from the right side of Kiyosaki's quadrant and thus are creating income in a way that does not rely on your physical presense or time. Starting a business can be costly and risky. The beauty of network marketing is that you can start your own business for little money and operate within the structure of an already established company. There is nothing better in business than making money without spending much of your own. This is what rich people do. You can to it too. Network marketing is a means to this end.

Risk is a matter of education. As you learn more about an industry or a business or an investment, it becomes less risky. What is truly risky is entering into a situation and using your own money without having a full understanding of what you're doing. Again, this is where network marketing is a great opportunity. The financial investment is small enough that you can earn while you learn and even keep your day job until your residual income flow catches up with your current salary.

The most exciting network marketing opportunity right now is with a company called Zrii. Zrii fits all of the parameters of a legitimate network marketing company. Plus it has something else. It is the only company in the functional nutritional beverage field today that has the endorsement of the internationally renowned Chopra Center for Wellbeing. Zrii has every piece that's needed for network marketing success. Timing, Product, Management Team, Funding. The company does not officially launch until May 2008 and already they are breaking every industry record for revenue and distribution network.

The Rich thing differently. You can think Rich too. Start today creating the organization that will provide you with years of residual income. Join our Zrii Success Team. Work with a group of people who understand that success in this business comes from teaching your team how to succeed. You can easily learn more about me and my values and my understanding of this business by reading my other posts on this blog or finding my writings at Hubpages.com. Zrii is a way to become wealthy. Zrii is the road to becoming healthy. Zrii is a family of people who care about your success. Join me in not only thinking like a Millionaire, but becoming a Millionaire.

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