26 December 2008

Prepare Your Business For 2009

Regardless of what your present focus is, you can be better prepared for success in 2009 by doing this one simple thing:
Spend the week between Christmas and New Year's organizing all your business receipts and expenses from 2008. Even though it's still four months until tax time it is best to do this now. Then your mind will be free to focus on the present and future with regards to your business, in 2009.
With regards to the Perfect MLM By Design. We are having our first meeting with the Founders and the Field Advisory Board, in early January. After that meeting we will have a clear idea as to when we will begin pre-enrollment and ultimately the shipping of product...Which reminds me..we will also be releasing the details of our product, in the weeks following this initial meeting. At the moment our tentative time schedule sees us pre-enrolling in February with product being shipped sometime in March. It's very exciting to be a part of something unique and beneficial to all seeking to achieve their financial goals in the Network Marketing Industry.

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