30 December 2008

Twitter Guilt

I have to confess two things:

1. I have made it a point since beginning with Twitter to always send a personal thank you to ever single person who follows me. I have also looked at every profile so I could say something unique to that person in my thank you. Lastly, I have consciously make a choice as to who I follow back based on bio's, pictures, content, etc...I am not a big believer in auto-following. In fact, we just had a discussion going about his tonight on Twitter. So here is confession number one.

I got behind. REALLY, REALLY behind. I had over 150 new emails in my inbox telling me about new followers. Every day I would say "tomorrow". Tomorrow I will thank each one and look at each profile. Every day it was more overwhelming. So today I went against my own system. I set up an auto-thank you and and auto-follow and that is what I used for the last week's worth of new followers. I'm sorry if you were one of them. Please do not take it personally. I figure that an auto-thanks is way better than no thanks at all, and that's where things were heading.

I really do feel guilty. Is there a support group for Twitter-guilt? If you are someone who followed me in the week between Christmas and New Years, please understand. I will look for your tweets and take extra time to respond personally over the next few days. Thank you.

2. This is a good one for guilt. Twitter is fun. It is more fun than anything else I do online. My husband asked me tonight if it's good business or just good fun. So here is the amazing part. In the short time I've been tweeting on twitter (about 6 weeks), I've developed more business contacts than in 6 months using other forms of social media. So guilt...more fun, more business. I once heard that work was supposed to be hard. LOL!!

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