09 December 2008

Where to Find a Job

"Citigroup, one of the world's biggest banks, is to cut about 50,000 jobs as the bank struggles with heavy losses amid the current financial crisis.The cuts come on top of a further 22,000 job losses announced by the firm in October, of which it said 13,000 have already gone.The company said on Monday its workforce is being reduced by about 20 per cent from a peak of 375,000 in 2007.Al Jazeera's John Terrett in New York said: "This is an astonishing number of workers, on top of those announced earlier this year."It is a measure of the struggling nature of the banking industry ... and of just how grim things are in this economy and that of the wider world."" Quoted from the Global Research Site

Grim news from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics as the numbers of unemployed increases beyond anything seen in the last 34 years.

The government and new agencies are talking about creating jobs and bailing out industries. What about moving one's thoughts and expectations outside the box? It is the 21st century and we need a new paradigm. The economic structure of the 20th century is over. We can clearly see that now. The future is not going to be found in secure corporate jobs with benefits. It is going to be found in home businesses, in entrepreneurship, in thinking and creating income outside of the old structure.

Just listen to this interview a few months ago with Robert Kiyosaki. Those who will thrive in the upcoming years will be those who can shift to a new relationship with money and with the means to create it.

There are industries poised to capture this new world economy. There are those already in these industries who can teach others and benefit from good karma and good business. Learn more about what is coming next by listening to this recorded interview.

Success Mentoring System (21st Century Version)

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