19 January 2009

Don't Buy PPC Domination!!

Unless you want to become an expert at using Google Adwords to market your product or opportunity. I purchased the course today and have gone through two of the twelve videos so far. In all honesty, during the first video I was disappointed and concerned that they were going to use this training platform to market other funded proposal systems. I was already making notes to use to get my money back through the 30 day no questions guarantee.

But Patience Grasshopper, Patience.

Then I watched the second video and came away with a series of questions (homework, if you will) that will set me up for the development of a very targeted and thus effective, Google Ad. I also came to understand why they focused on funded proposals in the first video. It appears that the third lesson will pull the first two together into a cohesive understanding of what it means to truly understand and target your the specific market that you want to reach with your advertising.

This course is available this week only for a discounted price, and will then revert to the full price on Saturday. Given the wealth of practical content and the 30 day money-back guarantee, it is a no brainer decision for anyone wanting to master internet pay-per-click advertising.

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