24 January 2009

What Kind of School is Renegade University?

If you spend a lot of time in the online marketing community, for network marketing or direct selling, you have probably seen some information about Renegade University. Many I've spoken to have noticed the name but have no clear information as to what it is exactly and to how to enroll and what the benefits are of being a Renegade U. student. Thus the reason for today's topic.

As you may know the idea of using and attraction-based marketing approach for growing a network marketing business, has been around for about 3-4 years. In my book the gurus of this philosophy and the people most responsible for communicating it to the MLM world are Mike Dillard and Ann Sieg. If you are not familiar with them and their work, you are missing out on a very beneficial and insightful theory as far as doing serious business as a network marketer. Click their names in this paragraph and you'll be redirected to a sign up page for a series of free videos and emails. There is no obligation and you will develop a clear understanding of the philosophy just from studying the free information.

So after years of Dillard's and Sieg's philosophy and methods floating around the internet, there are still many, many network marketers who have been unable to put the information into practice. Dillard and Sieg are the gurus and those with a lot of techno savvy or time to invest in their education were able to put their ideas into practice. But for many, the "how" became a big stumbling block.

Introducing Renegade University. Along comes a wonderful teacher and writer named Mike Klinger. Klinger spent over a year developing a series of step-by-step training videos that answer the "how" question. How do you make a blog? How do you direct traffic to your site? How do you create a video? Help for writing an ezine article, using traffic exchanges, writing with "pull", how to use google. The list goes on and on. Each video is close to an hour long and Mike's clear, organized instructions make the student feel like there is a teacher sitting right at their computer with them.

When you enroll in Renegade University you are essentially enrolling in an online school that teaches you each step of how to put in place a balanced and successful onine marketing system for your network marketing business. Because it is a monthly subscription program, you continue as a student as long as you find it beneficial. Many find that once they know the techniques, the benefits are so tangible that they suggest that their down-lines become students as well. As a coach and mentor to many who are learning the ins and outs of online marketing, I often spent hours teaching many of these methods to my coaching clients. With Renegade University, I can now send them to a full program that, to be totally honest, does a better job of the teaching the technical minutia of creating online, than I can just using the phone.

Click this link now and you'll have the opportunity to enroll in the free version of Renegade University, called Marketing Merge. You'll receive a series of free training emails from Mike Klinger. There is never any obligation yet you may find yourself wanting to go back to school for a few months and really learn this business. Just like any profession, good information, study, immersion, increases your ability to be successful and professional. Renegade University is the first "school" just for network marketing professionals.

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Lane said...

Hi Deb,

This is a nice, concise overview of Renegade University and how it fits in to the picture with Ann Sieg and Mike Dillard.

As you point out, one wonderful aspect of Renegade University is that it allows you to leverage the lessons Mike provides and offer them to your prospects, team, etc.

Lane Reiss

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