16 January 2009

Why I'm Enthralled With Mike Dillard's PPC Domination Course

There are many ways to learn how to use PPC (pay per click). Unfortunately much of what people take away from the books or videos or articles leads them to hours of frustration and a lot of lost dollars. PPC can be the pot at the end of the rainbow or it can suck you dry.

A well known internet marketing guru named Derek Gehl teaches a great course on how to use pay-per-click. In his course he covers everything from finding keyword niches to the right way to set up your bids. Perry Marshall cover it all as well in his famous Google Adwords book.

So why am I so enthralled with what Jim Yaghi put together and Mike Dillard it presenting? Here is why. Because the needs of network marketers are different than those of other internet marketers. Network marketers have to understand how to use PPC to reach their target market..which is often more subtle than someone just selling a product. And because every course that Mike Dillard has developed or presented has enabled the average network marketer to grasp and take action. And because there have already been successes in our industry from people using this course, who have never approached PPC before.

So here's just a small sample of what you'll learn inside the detailed training videos of "PPC Domination"...

* How to "glide" through setting up your first AdWords account in 13 minutes or less—even if you've never used the Internet before.

* A simple "short cut" that makes learning and profiting from AdWords twice as fast.

* The easiest way to make money with Google AdWords when starting out.

* How to make your AdWords advertising 100% FREE. (And, in fact, actually make you money every time you run your ads!)

* A sneaky way to use AdWords to get dozens of leaders to eagerly send traffic to your websites. (And without having to speak with them, make any special deals with them, or pay them anything.)

* A neat little way of using your computer's spell check function to make your Google ads draw twice as many clicks. (And no... this has nothing to do with actually checking your ad's spelling.)

* The only proven-effective way to take almost 100% of the risk out of AdWords advertising. (This is perfect if you hate risking money.)

* Why even "professionally" written Google ads—created by pro copywriters—often bomb. (Believe it or not, with Jim's system, people with no prior copywriting experience have a HUGE advantage over experienced copywriters.)

* Jim Yaghi's famous "3-minute work day" secret. (Probably the fastest and easiest way to make money with Google ever invented.)

* How to "legally steal" the branding power and name status of bigger, more "cash flush" competitors. (When Jim first demonstrated this to me, I almost couldn't believe it. Jim actually shows you how to "steal" the top Google spots by using the names and branding of big name networkers in your ads—without breaking any laws or doing anything unethical!)

* A quickie "crash course" on writing Google AdWords headlines. (Your headline is the single most important part of your Google ad. Here's how the world's top AdWords marketers create their headlines—and how you can, too.)

* Why you should almost never send people from your Google ads to your home page! (This goes against what a lot of AdWords marketers are doing. Which is why most of them are broke and pulling their hair out.)

* How to make your prospects excited about visiting your site... before they even click your ad. (This is one of Jim's most reliable ways to get leads that are so hot, they sign up without even knowing what your product, opportunity or comp plan is!)

* How to get extremely good at writing Google ads fast—even if you hate writing and find it painful now.

And speaking of writing your ads...

Jim is NOT a naturally gifted writer.

And because of this, he was forced to invent a way to write profitable Google ads that:

1. Do not take a lot of time.

2. Work even if you are in a hurry... or have "brain fog" and can't think of anything to write.

Some of Jim's "easy speed writing" secrets include:

How to use simple "mind maps" to write multiple Google ads in 5 minutes or less...

The only known "newbie proof" way to quickly write strong AdWords ads...

A special key on your computer's keyboard that lets you instantly grab a
distracted Google searcher's attention... and even...

* How to change the "color" of your Google ads so they stick out from ALL the Other ads on the page!

This is HUGE.

This almost guarantees your ads get maximum clicks (and maybe even be the ONLY ads that get clicked on the page)—even if your ads are weaker and less "polished" than your competition's ads.

Not 1 in 1000 AdWords marketers—not even most of the so-called "gurus" knows about this. But after analyzing Google's software and keyword analysis patterns, Jim discovered a way to change the "color" of his Google ads so they stick out like a red car in a lot full of white cars.

Here are even more of the insider AdWords secrets you'll learn:

* Which exact words, phrases and ideas instantly grab the attention of the BEST network marketing prospects. (Works even if your ad is poorly written!)

* The ONLY type of prospect you should target in your first AdWords ad.

* What you must NEVER do in your Google ads... even though you see other people doing it. (This is another "classic blunder" most AdWords marketers make. Whatever you do... DO NOT MAKE THIS MISTAKE.)

* A clever (and very sneaky) way to use AdWords to secretly "recruit" a Google searcher's friends and family to help you sponsor them! (Yes, this is possible, once you know this secret.)

* The right (and wrong) way to market your networking product with Google AdWords.

* The right (and wrong) way to market your opportunity with Google AdWords.

* How to find the perfect keywords for your AdWords campaigns... and how to test them dirt cheap.

* The 3 best kinds of prospects to target with AdWords. (You can build a downline very fast... and with almost no effort whatsoever... when you know how to find these exact prospects on Google.)

* How to use AdWords to "judo flip" the objections and concerns people have about your business into new sales and reps.

* What the Google "stupid tax" is... and how to make sure you never have to pay it!

* What to say in your Google ads that makes them up to 100 times more likely to be clicked.

* A top secret bidding strategy that will get you more leads at a cheaper cost... every single time! (This is probably Jim's most jealously guarded AdWords secret. You will likely not find it in any "guru" courses and books. And the best part is, it's simple. So simple almost everyone misses it.)

* The #1 WORST "sales killing" mistake you can make with AdWords. (Even expert AdWords marketers get this wrong—and leave a LOT of money on the table.)

* How to use your company and product name with AdWords... without running "afoul" of your company's rules.

I could keep going, but I think you've got a good idea of the incredible value contained in PPC Domination, and why our Beta testers are raving about it.

So here's what to do now...

The course will be made available at a huge 65% discount on Monday, at 12:00 Noon CST.

In the mean time, make sure you head over here and watch the two interviews Mike Dillard held with Jim Yaghi, and two of his star students, Aaron and Sophia.

They'd never used Adwords before, but after going through PPC Domination, they were able to produce up to 100 leads per DAY for FREE, and on Monday, you'll be able to do the same...

By the time you're done watching these videos, I believe you will be enthralled as well!!

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