26 February 2009

How Great Customer Service Can Cement a Business Relationship

I had a most unusual experience yesterday involving an online company. I was working on this company's website starting to set up a particular lead capture page so that I could explore all of its functions. I already have a system set up with them and this was supposed to be a very simple and free addition.

I followed all of the instructions multiple times and still the process would not work correctly. Technology details being my least competent skill, I finally gave up and sent a support ticket to the company. In the past few weeks I have sent other tickets to them with more minor questions and have been impressed that they have always replied by email within a few hours..the next day at the latest. Anyway, about 20 minutes later my phone rings and it is the CEO of this company. He was calling to personally apologize because they were working on the system that I was trying to use, which is why I could not set it up. He then told me that they had taken the liberty to set it up for me and asked if I had any other questions.

Because of some other business situations I am involved with, I did have questions and we spent the next 30 minutes on the phone talking. At the end of the call he gave me his direct phone number and email for future contacts.

The reason I am writing about this is because I was so impressed. This man has been running his company for almost 10 years. They have recently developed a new product to hook into their existing products. It is not a small or quiet operation. Yet this man had the good business sense to notice a frustrated customer and the courtesy to pick up the phone and make it right. This is the type of customer service that I expect from long-term shop-keepers in my little town of 1500 people. I think it is highly unusual to have this service like this from an online company who basically deals with faceless names in a data bank.

The moral of the story is that my feelings and impressions about this company have gone from basically positive, but with no real sense of connection to very positive with a strong feeling of wanting to be a part of what they are doing. Not only has this man's actions created a loyal customer..but they created a story that is now going to be told about his company. We should all take note, as old fashioned person-to-person service and connection like this can boost your bottom line in ways you may not have even imagined.

(Oh..you want to know what company it was?? Here is the link directly to their homepage. I use them a tool for my primary business and as an additional income stream.)

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