06 February 2009

Serious Problems At Zrii

The following paragragh is taken from a press release in the Salt Lake Tribune dated February 6, 2009.

"The groups claim that, disregarding its co-founders' mission and ideals, Farley has saddled the company with unnecessary debt while using it as his personal piggy-bank, and that continuing to work with him under the circumstances would represent a profound betrayal of their individual integrity and personal relationships as well as Zrii's founding principles."

Read the entire press release here.

This is sad indeed for all those who have poured their hearts and souls into this company over the past 18 months. So many people love and have benefited from the Zrii product. It would be a shame to see all the time, energy, investment and research end up for naught.

Many people in the field are distraught and wondering what they should do next. They are trying to determine their personal course of action amidst varying stories and rumors. Some are looking at other companies and opportunities in order to have an alternative plan.

Perfect MLM By Design is just one alternative, but I mention here because it was developed over the last 7 months precisely to combat and prevent many of the issues that we see today in Zrii. It also offers no conflict with Zrii with regards to product or niche..thus people can explore it as an alternative and still remain committed to their Zrii business as they watch to see what unfolds in the next few weeks and months.

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