12 May 2009

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IT IS FINALLY TIME! For all of you that have been patiently waiting, the Duplication 123 webinar rooms are here. Yeah!

The best part is they are free with your Duplication123 membership! To sign up, go to www.SimplyWebinars.com and click on the Sign Up button.

If you are a paid Duplication 123 member, enter your D123 ID number and password on Step 2 to set your webinar room up for free. Continue through the sign up process and enter your extension. We suggest using the same extension as your Duplication123 website to make things easier for you to remember.

If you are a free Duplication123 member, you can set your room up for free on a 7 day trial. To sign up for the free trial, go to www.SimplyWebinars.com and go through the sign up process. Do not enter your D123 ID and password in Step 2 but enter your information and continue to Step 3. In Step 3, you can select the free trial or the paid version.

Remember, the paid version of Simply Webinars is more than the cost for the entire tool suite with D123.
This is important information. By becoming a paid member of Duplication 123 for only $34.95 per month you receive all the benefits of that membership, PLUS the entire webinar system for no additional charge. Compare that to the ongoing cost of a system like GoTo Meeting and you will instantly see the value that Simply Webinars offers.
Use this link to sign up now

If you decide to become a member of Duplication123 after your free trial period, you may simply go to www.recruitinglikecrazy and sign up to access all the Duplication 123 tools and systems for one low price.

The rooms come with a 50 seat capacity and are reservationless. You can plan a meeting or just go start one at any time. Run as many meeting as you like and each meeting with show up on your Simply Webinars site so your Invitees can see when the next meeting is being conducted.

The rooms are also designed to expand if more seats are needed.

Get your room set up and start doing meetings literally in minutes!

Again, go to www.SimplyWebinars.com and sign up today!


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