19 November 2012

Find a Visalus Distributor - Cure Broke-itis

Find a Visalus Distributor

If you are suffering from Broke-itis we have a cure for it.

Visalus CURES Broke-itis.

You may be someone who has been exposed to Visalus and the Body By Vi Challenge on Facebook, or through a local person or a flyer in your town. If you have already met a Visalus Distributor that you would like to work with, get back in touch with that person.

Many people have been seeing The Body By Vi Challenge by Visalus and are wondering if in fact they could benefit from the The Challenge for their own health or wealth creation and the answer is YES!

It begins first with making a decision that you are ready for change.

From that point you need to watch a short video. This video will give you just enough information to say "YES, I am OPEN to getting more information". If you are, fill out the form to the right side of the video and actually take one more action step --->> Call 970-209-7473 and leave a message that says, " YES, I watched the intro video and I am open to getting more information - please call me at......."

You'll receive a call back within 24 hours.

Again - Your steps to Find a Visalus Distributor and Cure Broke-Itis, or just start your 90 Day Health Transformation Challenge are:

1. Watch this video--->>> Video

2. Call this number-->>> 970-209-7473


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