03 October 2007

Internet Marketing How to Get Started

If you are going to market yourself on the internet you will need a domain name and eventually a website. Being a non-technical person, I was looking for a company that it made it easy for me to get a domain name and create a website without hiring a website designer. I found one called 1and1. I was so excited because with no prior experience I was able to create a website that looks professional and works well. (I'll post the link to it once is completed.) The best part was that at 10:00 on a saturday evening there was a live person who was able to help me and answer all my questions for FREE. Now that's service.

I'm not planning to focus much on this type of thing in my blog...but I know that I was thrilled when someone told me about 1and1 and so I thought other beginners would like to know about it too. Working from home should be so much easier now that we have computers. My understanding is that if you can optimize your website so that it can be found by the search engines, many, many, many people will see it and hopefully be interested in your business.

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