04 October 2007

Working From Home and Creating Success

Did you know that according the Mark Yarnell, author of Your First Year in Network Marketing, the often quoted statistic about 97% of Network Marketers failing is incorrect? The reason it's wrong is that most people assume it means that 97% of people involved with Network Marketing fail no matter how hard or how long they work. In fact, what it really means is that most beginners in the MLM industry "fail" because they quit too soon and/or because nobody took the time to train them and tell them the truth about the industry. The truth is that you have to work hard and work smart in the MLM business. You also have to understand that even though there are people who've made big money in a short period of time, most have to put in their time.

The BEST thing is that putting in your time is usually fun, often exciting and it's totally under your own control. According to Mr. Yarnell, most MLM professionals work hard for 3-4 years and can then reap the rewards of their efforts. That doesn't mean they stop working necessarily, but it may mean that they work 2-3 hours per day and spend the rest of their time doing other things that they love to do. In other professions, most people work for 40 years, 8-10 hours per day, 5 days per week and only then can they sit back and reap the rewards. And the scary part about that is that in these days of no pensions, a rocky stock market and a social security system that is hurting financially, the "rewards" might not be what you were expecting.

Be cautious about opportunities that indicate fast and easy money. Everything takes some kind of effort whether it's time or energy or education. But being self-employed, working at home, choosing your hours and your company, and having control over your destiny sure surpasses 9-5 in a cubicle with no windows. Network Marketing seems to have the best opportunities, in that it often costs little to get involved, you can "ramp-up" quickly-especially if your upline is supportive and knowledgable, and anyone can do it. You don't need a Master's degree or even a College degree. What you do need it focus, consistency, commitment, and a burning desire to succeed in this business.

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