09 October 2007

MLM Information...An Overwhelming Amount

When you start really looking into this industry, it's amazing the sheer quantity of information that exists. From a psychological perspective, sometimes too much information causes action paralysis. You know the feeling, you're surfing the net and you find a page that perfectly describes your struggles or frustrations. So you read it and it sends you to other links and you then you read those. Then you google another phrase or question and read three more websites, or newletters, or latest and greatest ideas for gathering leads or reaching you target audience. And then...you're stuck....too much input but no way of figuring out what's actually worthwhile.

I would love to hear some other people's experience with this. Often in this world of free and abundant information people seem less able to take action. We used to go to the library and look things up in a few books. Or make a few phone calls to other professionals for advice. We then took the information we gathered and made a decision, or took some kind of action. Now we spend hours doing "research" but end up with so many options from so many different sources, most of them strangers. How do we decide what action to take?

In our field of direct selling/network marketing, it's important to have a plan that is essentially steps towards reaching a goal. It is also crucial to have support or coaching from someone who has been in the industry for awhile and has the financial success to prove that they know what they are doing. Anyone can get on the internet,create a web page, and sell you their SYSTEM. You have no idea though if that person was ever successful using the system they are selling you...or if their true financial gains have been from the sale of the SYSTEM.

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