25 October 2007

Website builders, autoresponders and sanity

I'll bet you didn't realize when you became excited about growing your business online, that you would first need to be a computer techie? Neither did I. There have been no postings in the last few weeks because I've been consumed with building a website.

I have to say that the website building and hosting company I used were really helpful. I called tech support about 3 times per day for the last two weeks and was never even put on hold!! But as I learned, I didn't always know the right question to ask, and so I didn't always get all the information I needed. But now I know what Linux is and what javascript is. I even learned how to create forms that work like an autoresponder, that I can place on my website using "html", and they actually work the way they're supposed to.

So what do I recommend if you're trying to do this? If you have the money, you might want to hire professional website builder and someone skilled in search engine optimization. It will cost a bunch..but you will keep your sanity. If you have a lot of time, or you're compulsive about wanting to understand how things work, you can do it yourself. Be prepared for devoting the majority of your time to it for a few weeks. You will not have time to "work" on your business..that is, meeting with people, talking about your product, doing workshops or parties, etc... during that time. But in the end, you will be creating some tools which hopefully will grow your business faster and more easily.

Ultimately remember that sometimes laying the foundation and putting all the tools in order is the most important step of building the project. If you are committed to your business then taking time away from the "main event" to do this, is time well spent.

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