03 May 2009

Internet Marketing Burn Out

Does this sound like you?

1. Wake up.
2. Check email, twitter, Facebook and any Google adwords/adsense stats
3. Reply to anyone who contacted over the night
4. Make breakfast
5. Tweet on twitter while toast is cooking
6. Eat breakfast
7. Tweet again while drinking coffee or tea
8. Think about getting dressed
9. Check your email one more time
10. Get washed and dressed
11. Answer call from friend, but thinking about getting back on the computer
12. Go over "to do" list for the day
13. Write an article for Ezine Articles
14. Edit article so they like it
15. Stand up and stretch while phoning people who came through any lead capture pages during the past 24 hours.
16. Revisit email, twitter, FB and any stats.
17. Tweet some links to twitter to improve the morning statistics
18. Write a blog post and post to at least 15 social networking sites using Social Poster
19. Visit the kitchen and think about lunch
20. Eat salad while reading tweets and some suggested articles or blogs
21. Check if your new post had any hits yet..and where did the hits come from
22. Visit twitter and find some friends to say hi to
23. Get set up for creating an attraction marketing video
24. Brush hair, change shirt (focus is on attraction..don't want to look like godzilla)
25. Practice video content
26. Turn on webcam and start recording
27. Try not to say "um..um" while recording video
28. Upload video to Windows Movie Maker
29. Edit video and add titles, links etc..
30. Upload video to Youtube
31. Stand up and stretch.. realize it's a nice day outside..though it's now 4:00
32. Decide to go for a walk
33. Check email, twitter and stats before you go
34. Walk, but take your cell phone with you
35. On the way home, start calling people who came through your pages during the day
36. Arrive home
37. Check email, twitter and stats..especially hits on your new Youtube video
38. Respond to some comments on Youtube
39. Create "to do" list for the next day
40. Think about dinner
41. Spouse comes home.."what's for dinner?"... Your forgot to make it
42. Frozen pizza
43. Get on twitter and tweet some links and thought provoking quotes
44. See if anyone responded to your earlier tweets
45. Check your days stats again
46. Wonder why your adsense CTR is not as high as you'd like
47. Talk to spouse with one eye on the the computer screen
48. Reply to some emails
49. Decide to change a few things on a webpage
50. Get totally wrapped up in some HTML code problem
51. Think about bed..it's 10PM
52. Still working out the HTML issue
53. Visit twitter to tweet with the late-nighters
54. Finally see where the code problem is
55. Upload the changes using FTP
56. Get a 500 error code
57. Struggle with FTP and finally call hosting company (24/7 customer service)
58. The nice lady in India walks you through FTP (again)
59. Website changes are all online and functioning
60. Midnight..time for bed
61. Dream about your tweets coming alive and dancing in the meadow


timothyodell said...

If it did sound like me - I would look for a new career

Krisj said...

sounds like it could be me if i weren't careful. Good post either way!

Mark O'Bannon said...

Keep it up tho...
A winner never quits and a quitter never wins..

Mark O'Bannon :)

Mark O'Bannon said...

heheh... keep it up tho...
Remember, a quitter never wins and a winner never quits!

Mark O'Bannon :)

alixnotes said...

Sounds very similar to me (and I love it!!)

Thanks for the post!

alixnotes :)

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