02 May 2009

Why MLM is So Much Fun!! (When you use Attraction Marketing)

I have to write about this. I got off the phone this afternoon (after two hours) and said to my husband, "This is so cool!" So of course he asked what? and why? The "what" answer was the building of my network marketing empire (LOL). The "why" answer..."Because I'm having so much fun!!"

Years ago I enjoyed building my network marketing organization but it never had the excitement level and the innate feeling of momentum that I have now. So what has made the difference? It is a combination of the methods, techniques, opportunity and product.

I work now from a pure attraction marketing standpoint, utilizing primarily the power of the internet. My "target market" are people who ALREADY GET network marketing and internet marketing. They are already motivated, even driven, to succeed in this industry and to do it by reaching millions of people online and drawing them like a magnet to want to be part of their energy , optimism and expertise. So imagine how great that feels? Every time I get on the phone I am speaking to a kindred spirit. There is no cold calling or convincing or even explaining. There are only people who are looking forward to speaking with me as much as I am anticipating speaking with them. We have connected because of attraction marketing..a natural process.

That, is FUN. Once we are talking the magnitude of what I'm involved in can then be shared. And in that too, the excitement caused by the unique fairness and lucrativeness of our compensation plan just amazes people. Now I'm talking with a kindred spirit who is on the edge of his or her seat waiting to hear more. FUN. When I add in the product and they see the immensity of what we have in terms of a business opportunity AND a customer oriented product, I can almost hear them smiling. MORE FUN!

Since I completely trust this entire attraction marketing process...from the initial online connection, through the phone meeting and onto the actual sharing of information, there is never any stress or concern. I am being authentically me, sharing an opportunity I believe in with someone who can be authentically themselves and not feel any pressure or obligation. There is no "selling" because there is no need. It's amazing how easily it all flows when it is two like-minded people exchanging information..knowing that it may or may not lead to doing business together..and either is fine! Truly. That process of being totally engaged and yet trusting and detached from controlling the outcome it more powerful and ultimately effective than you can even imagine if you've never experienced it before. This is the beauty and the power of attraction marketing.

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Ronnie Cruz said...

ve this pos t coz it's so true! Since I've starts using attraction marketing I've seen how much easier it is I connect with other networkers. Connecting with like minded indivialls makes this business so much more enjoyable!

Thanks so much!

- Ronnie

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